Usually, obvious and outward indications are the ideal way to figure out if your office is in need of expert carpet cleaning. Things such as an accumulation of dirt, food stains, spilled wine, and coffee is obvious giveaways.  


However, there are sometimes hidden and more dangerous signs that your carpets are in need of professional cleaning.  

Today, we’re going to share with you some of the most common indications that tell you it is time to clean the carpets in your office with the help of a professional carpet cleaning Modesto company. 

Dull High-Traffic Areas 

Carpets acquire a lot of foot traffic. This is particularly true if it is installed in a commercial environment, such as your office. If your business is a successful one, the possibilities are that you’ve got employees and customers walking around the carpet all day long. All of these movements might or might not lead to foot imprints as time passes by. However, there might be other minor indications if you do not see any obvious signs of the shoes that have compressed over the carpets.  

For instance, high-traffic areas might present dinginess or dull color. This will be especially outward on light-colored or white carpets. This is a natural effect that happens over time. However, it is an obvious sign that your carpet is aging. Of course, you do not want to have this on your business. A professional carpet cleaning will make your floors appear great as new. Nobody can tell the difference between your old carpet and a new one.  

Severe Allergy Symptoms 

It is an indication that something is happening if you are moving around the office carpets and find suddenly that your eyes are watering or your throat is itching. A lot of sneezing and coughing around the carpets is a more obvious indication that they are the source of your issue.  

Health problems such as this can point towards the accumulation of allergens in the carpet. This includes dander, pollen, bacteria, dust, and mites. These will cause several irritations. It can make it extremely hard to focus in a work environment. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company will guarantee the removal of these allergens. It will enable you and your employees to focus on their work. 

Weird Smells 

It’s quite an excellent indication that it may be time to get your carpet cleaned if you walk past through it and found a weird odor every time. Odd odors from your carpet are sometimes a sign that a liquid spilled there before 

For those who don’t know, any liquid that hits the carpet and does not properly dry can produce an accumulation of mold. Almost every carpet dirt will not smell bad. However, a rancid or nasty smell typically shows the presence of mold. It can be harmful to your health, as well as your employees.  

If you notice a weird odor every time you walk around your carpet, make sure you hire a carpet cleaning company right away to have your carpet checked for mold